Our team

Genetics England is a service from clinicians to provide clinically guided cost effective gene testing to patients with cancer and the general public.

With multiple products available on the market, it can get very confusing and therefore difficult for patients to choose the most suitable test.

Our team

We have a multi disciplinary team on hand to help you choose the right test, and offer a full explanation of the results together with advice and guidance about ongoing management and surveillance, depending on the outcome of the result.

The full team consists of Breast Oncoplastic Surgeons, Gynaecology Surgeons, Medical Oncologists, Genetic Oncologists and Counsellors.

Haresh Devalia

Dr Haresh Devalia

Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon
Mohsin Dani

Dr Mohsin Dani

Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon
Simon Bailey

Dr Simon Bailey

General, Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgeon
Haresh Devalia

Dr James Mackay

Consultant Clinical Genetic Oncologist
Maher Hadaki

Dr Maher Hadaki

Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Dr Mark Nathan

Dr Mark Nathan

Consultant Medical Oncologist

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