Breast & Gynaecology tests

We provide the following breast & gynaecology hereditary tests.

Color breast and ovarian panel

If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer or/and are worried about your risks this is the right test for you. You will receive your test results in four working weeks.

Invitae rapid breast panel

This test is appropriate for patients with breast cancer, who need the result quickly to help decide their surgical options/planning. Typically, results are ready within 10 working days. This test is funded by most insurance companies.

Color pan cancer 30 gene panel

For people with complex family history of multiple cancers, this test can be helpful to provide information to understand the risks. Test results are available in 4 working weeks. Besides breast and ovarian cancer genes, this also looks at colorectal, prostate, melanoma, pancreatic, uterine and stomach cancer genes

Advice, guidance and results...

Our service offers a full explanation of the results together with advice and guidance about ongoing management and surveillance, depending on the outcome of the result.

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Order a test

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